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A New Trick To Changing Colours

This was a pleasant surprise in the old dog new tricks department. I had to change the colour of a academic hood (Before/After above) from yellow to red. I knew I could use the Color Replacement Tool in Photoshop but it always seemed more complicated than it needs to be.

I swear, people that teach Photoshop over-complicate things to make themselves appear smatter. I'm just a guerilla, I like to get in and out and just get the job done avoiding multiple layer masks and blend modes etc.

Anyway, I decided I'd see if I could do it with Photoshop's baby brother Lightroom. Turns out it was super easy and fast.

For you photo geeks I just used the Masking Brush, and masked the yellow hood, then did Unsaturated to -100, then just clicked on Hue and dialed the colour I wanted. Then used the Exposure and Contrast sliders until it was the red we were trying to match.

And as they say in Latin easy peasy (see I can pretend to be smart too). Now I think I'll celebrate by getting myself a musa balbisiana (Latin for banana) Oh wait... that's for a gorilla, not a guerilla. OK maybe I'm not so smart.

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